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Get a glimpse of life on the home front or follow the exploits of the persecutors in guerrilla warfare when you visit a museum in St. Louis. It is hard to believe that one of the state's best museums can be located in a city with such a rich history, from the Civil War to World War II to the Vietnam War. St. Louis is home to some of America's most famous museums, such as the National Museum of Natural History, Missouri State Museum and the American Library Association, to name a few.

The St. Louis Art Museum has an attraction in Forest Park and the Children's Zoo Carousel is free during the first hour of operation, but early risers watch out, there are now paid attractions at the zoo. The City Museum is truly a place for all ages, and you will see many teenagers and college kids there, as they play a DJ every second Saturday of the month at 7.30 pm with free admission to the museum. This museum also has the largest collection in the state of Missouri with more than 2,000 artifacts from around the world, as well as a large collection of rare books.

The museum has hundreds of hands - on exhibits that involve children in all fields, including music, art and science. The exhibits are kept up to date and in the travelling exhibition area there is always something new that keeps the museum fresh.

If you respect our nation's soldiers, the U.S. Army Museums are a compelling way to learn more about the history behind the stories. The Soldiers Memorial and Military Museum explores the history of the US Army and its members.

It includes extensive exhibits on Missouri history, including the history of the Missouri State Capitol, the St. Louis County Courthouse and the State House. It includes a comprehensive exhibition on the state's history and role in the US Army, including its history as a major player in World War II and its contributions to the Civil War.

It has a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the city of St. Louis from its beginnings to its present day. The real highlight of a visit to this museum is the city museum with its extensive collection of historical artefacts and exhibits. The museum offers hours of exploration of the complex world of magic and its various forms, such as the enchanted cave system, which can be explored through a series of tunnels, tunnels and caves, as well as a series of other caves.

The museum itself is rather small, with about 20 exhibits showing the importance of the river expansion in the country, as well as an extensive collection of historical artifacts.

Among the most famous exhibits are the artifacts from the Lewis and Clark expedition from their expedition, as well as items that are on display in the current Route 66 exhibit. Inside you will find a large collection of artifacts, such as uniforms from the First and Second World Wars and other artifacts. Those who have only seen Laumeier's sculpture park should take a look at one of the more famous attractions. The dark subject is the history of slavery in America and its effects on the United States and the world.

This truly unique museum is located at the site of the so-called Laclede Landing, just a few miles north of St. Louis, Missouri.

The museum also houses an eraser made of graphite, which actually contains more than 1,000 different erasers from all over the world. Other unique art objects depict man's best friend over time, such as a replica of a man with a bow and arrow and a life-size version of the Great Gatsby.

It was absolutely stunning and was number one on my visitor list on our first trip to St. Louis. Although we knew that the City Museum would be a full-day affair, we absolutely needed a visit to the Natural History Museum, the only other museum in the city with such a large collection. Museum officials recommended a full day, but suggested setting aside at least two hours to enjoy their collection of exhibits.

Whether you have a passion for art, science, baseball or history, the Natural History Museum is the place to explore what you love. Grab a snack before you visit one of the best museums in St. Louis, and enjoy!

The Saint Louis Science Center is a popular place for excursions and offers a great science museum for children 3 years and older, suitable for both children and adults. Visit the safe and take the elevator, which only allows access to the museum, although most of it has to be climbed.

The mission is to preserve the history of veterinary medicine by providing a museum, library and educational centre. In case you haven't guessed, this museum is dedicated to the smell of the body, but according to the official description, it is "the largest collection of human body parts, bones and organs in the world." This architectural marvel consists of unique finds and the photos do not do justice to this, as most of the pictures I took only looked at the intertwined branches from which the museum was created.

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